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I was sitting at breakfast with my *salty sisters a few years back listening to one of them complain about her job and how badly she was being treated. I was listening and nodding and apparently had a stupid smile on my face.

My other friend stopped mid sentence and said “Are you o.k. -why are you being weird? I know you have an opinion about this!!!”


And I did. 


But…I had been trying to be a better listener and I thought that meant…just listening – with no opinions or interruptions. I was wrong.

In a conversation, my friends not only expected me to share my opinion but counted on it as a barometer for good or bad decisions. My opinion mattered to them…


And your opinion matters too.

As you embark on your video journey and put yourself out there you need to know that you are not going to be able to please everyone. In fact, why would you want to please everyone? You need to have an opinion and it’s o.k. if it goes against the grain.




I’ve been hammering home that your videos are a conversation and as demonstrated by my own awkward attempt to curb my opinion…it’s weird not to have an opinion when you’re engaged in a conversation. 


Your opinions make you memorable. You stand for something and people will remember that – even if they don’t agree with it. In fact, you’ll probably make more of an impression if your viewer doesn’t agree with you. And that’s good.


If you remember, two weeks ago I wrote a blog about why I don’t say thank you at the end of my videos. This stirred the pot a bit. Some people openly disagreed with my opinion…but guess what? It’s o.k. I didn’t lose sleep over it and I’m guessing…neither did they. What it did do, was open up a dialogue…bingo!


So, today I want you to step up on your soapbox and tell me something controversial…share something that not a lot of people agree with…HAVE AN OPINION!






*The Salty Sister’s are a group of amazing women I surf with here, in San Diego. 


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