About Tracy

video strategist, mom & professional enthusiast

Tracy was thrust into the role of storyteller at a very young age when due to an unfortunate birth order mishap she found herself wedged between an academic sister and an adorable scamp of a brother. In order to stand out, she spent her childhood making up stories… about everything.

After a meandering path of unsatisfying careers, Tracy found an outlet for her creative skills in video production.

She has spent the past two decades behind the camera in various roles building a solid video background. She found her production happy place was taking scattered and stale ideas and turning them into engaging video scripts while putting her clients at ease on-camera.

Four years ago she left the glamorous world of corporate production to help entrepreneurs captivate and connect with their online audience using video. Her clients include Bestselling Authors, CEOs, Key Opinion Leaders, Medical Professionals, Holistic Practitioners and Visionaries.

She believes video is not a one-size-fits-all marketing solution. She likes to help entrepreneurs find their video mojo in a fun and engaging way. Her approach to video is bite-sized, non-scary, non-threatening and non-techie.

Tracy is a terrible speller and thinks she’s hilarious.

She runs her current business (in her piggy slippers) from her home in Idaho where she lives with her daughter, baby daddy and her rescue dog (who she loves the most). She enjoys farmer’s markets, surfing and saying “dude” a lot. Just kidding, she never says dude.


Fun Facts about Tracy

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Fun Fact

Fun Fact: In 2013 Tracy was nominated for an Emmy.


Nickname: Slash & Burn (because she likes to cut to the heart of your message)


Superpower: Connection


Motto: Real videos for real people...go!

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