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Does this feel off topic? I assure you – it’s not!


Today, we’re going to chit-chat about the curse of knowledge and I promise to bring this puppy around to video scripting.


One of the many perks of being me is I have an amazing pool of private clients in a diverse sea of niches. So, when I’m obsessing over my Groucho Marx”ish” eyebrows in the mirror and wondering ‘is waxing or threading better for the long-term health of my skin?’ I call my client Pila who owns a high end spa in Aspen and who knows a thing or three about skin care.


Me: Can I ask a skin care question?

Pila: Of course!

Me: So, my friend told me waxing was bad for my skin and so I’ve been threading instead but I don’t really like it –

Pila: Your friend told you waxing was bad for your skin?

Me: Yup!

Pila: No – waxing is fine – it actually exfoliates your skin.

Me: Really? She said it would give me wrinkles!

Pila: Oh my gosh no! It can’t give you wrinkles! And your friend is a ridiculous boob!!! (she didn’t say anything about my friend being a boob but I bet she was thinking it!!!!)

Me: Pila – if I’m wondering about this topic, I bet the rest of the viewing world is too!

Pila (writing furiously): This is so good! It never occurred to me that people don’t know this.


And those were the “CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE” words that set this blog in motion.


IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME. Let me esplain…


You see, what Pila is suffering from (and so many of us do!) is the curse of knowledge. She’s so knowledgeable about skin care from the inside out, that she forgets what it’s like to be a skin newbie.


So how do you step back and put on the neophyte hat so you are creating content that your audience actually wants?


You have to think about your audience’s needs from THEIR perspective…not yours. What would they need to know first and then next…and so on.


Too often, rather than providing the low hanging fruit from the tree of knowledge, you’re hanging out in the the cherry picker way up top. It’s time to come down and think about this…




I have a great worksheet that will help you better understand your audience…you can download it right HERE!




P.S. Pila also had a hygiene issue with threading since they hold the thread in their mouth, but I’ll let you decide.


P.P.S. The rest of our conversation…
Me: And if women are passing around this misinformation Pila, what other beauty myths can be busted?

Pila (smiles and keeps writing furiously): this is great!


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