How to get a flood of your dream clients excited to work with you so your biggest challenge in 2022 is the length of your waitlist...

Get your complete set of must-have videos to sell out your programs, fill your membership and book your calendar!


“This course is 100% hands on action taking with LIVE, honest feedback from a pro!”


Emmy-nominated Video Strategist Tracy Phillips Presents…

The 6 Videos in 6 Weeks Pro-Video Series

Here is a sneak peak at what you get with 6 Videos in 6 Weeks to make sure it is right for you in your business.

15 seconds... and they are hooked wanting more.

That's what it takes to get a complete stranger to pay attention to you and what you are offering. To intrigue them enough to keep their eyes glued to their screen, your videos will have to be compelling.

How are you going to do that?

With over 2 decades of experience, I'll help you to achieve that... step-by-step.

Does that sound good?

Do you know what is even better?

When your email notifications start beeping letting your know that those clients have taken action... they bought, shared or joined your program!

Now isn't that SWEET?

Check this out...

“Our first try at a PLF style launch generated 95k in revenue for us…” 

“I took an online video scripting course with Tracy and learned A LOT about launch videos. Our first try at a PLF style launch generated $95k of revenue for us. A lot of that success was due to Tracy’s influence and guidance.”

Wayne Cotton

“Create highly effective video scripts!”

“Her talents go way beyond simple script doctoring. She is a script surgeon. She comes in with skill and precision – she is a specialist and her specialty is helping you create highly effective video scripts.”

Amy Jo Kim, PhD

“I literally made an additional $10k overnight.”

“After closing cart for my 2nd offer, Tracy helped me craft a simple script to pre-sell my online version of the course. I literally made an additional $10k overnight.“

Amy Flaherty

What videos do I need and what do I include?

I got you covered!

Homepage Video:

Spoiler alert, this is THE MONEY MAKER.


Because it is the FIRST thing people will check out when they find you online. If you capture them here, they will stick around to hear what you have to offer.


Interested in increasing your conversion rates?

I'll show you how to embed a video into your landing page so it does the selling for you 24/7. Excited?


Find your FANS! This short video will help build your audience that recognizes you as the expert and making their decision to work with you easier!


These are CRITICAL in building momentum and keeping your audience engaged. If you are out of sight, you'll be out of mind. Stay connected.


These referrals don't need sleep and will work for you around the clock providing evidence that you are the real deal by letting them know the results you helped them achieve. To build trust and credibility, these are PURE GOLD.


No one likes to be sold, but they love to buy! According to Hubspot, 72% of customers would rather research a product or service by video. Makes sense, right? Less feeling pressure to buy and more comfortable to make a decision... PLUS you don't have to feel awkward asking for the sale WHEN IT'S DONE RIGHT!

HUGE BONUS, right?

Tracy does the work for you!

Tracy is there to give you good, honest feedback.

I didn't think I could have fun writing video scripts!

What should I expect?

Each week will kick off with a template + script training in the learning portal followed up with a 90 - minute "Collaboration Call" later in the week where you will have the chance to live-edit your script and practice your delivery with me. We are going to make sure you are doing the work!

PLUS... you'll have support, guidance and a community of like-minded people to bounce your ideas off of so you can make sure your mistakes stay in the trenches!

Get your videos just right with honest feedback so you can fix them before you send it out for the world to see!

Work out all the nerves in a safe and supportive space.


  • 6 Script Video Trainings (worth $2000)
  • Weekly Collaboration and Script Editing Calls (worth $3000)
  • 1:1 support calls (3 full hours worth $2100)
  • Shared script support (Instant feedback on a Google Doc worth $497)
  • Voxer support (worth $297)
  • Video reviews for a full 12 months to make sure they turn EXACTLY how you want them to (worth $997)
  • Total Value Worth $8,891

Hi, I'm Tracy Phillips. It's nice to virtually meet you!

I've helped my clients reach 7 figures with expertise gained from over 2 decades of pro-video experience.

Are you ready to cut out the fluff and get to the core of your message so your videos can WORK FOR YOU?

When your clients feel that authentic connection, they are confident you are the one that can help them get results.

Wouldn't that make your life easier?

Let's face it... videos can be intimidating and nerve racking. There, I said it.

I know... you don't know what to say, how long the video should be or how to get your views to stay engaged long enough to take action. Right?

That's okay! If that's how you are feeling it's completely normal.

So, how can I help you move past that?

I created the EXACT step-by-step magic sauce recipe you need to get you from frozen to feeling fabulous on camera with 100% confidence!

BONUS: You will get honest support and feedback needed to confirm your messaging is just right.
Your clients can’t find you unless you come out from hiding in the shadows in the spotlight. They are waiting for you, are you ready?

If your answer is yes, I'm committed to do that with your videos.

Are you prepared to be the next success story?

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to book a call?

This is a small group program and I have to make sure everyone is a good fit and motivated to do the work.

What if I have to miss a call?

I want you to be there, I really do! I also understand that life happens. The great thing about this type of course is there is this collective and shared learning. Your scripts will inevitably get better from watching how I 'live edit' with other participants. A replay will be available less than 24 hours after our class.** Plus if you choose the VIP option, you’ll be able to use one of your 1:1 calls and we can collaboratively work on your script.

When does the series begin?

We will begin the week of January 10th with a live training inside the 6 Videos in 6 Weeks Facebook Group (which you do not need to attend live). The Zoom sessions will take place on Saturdays at 9am PT | 12pm ET. So the first live would be on Saturday, January 15th.

Do you have payment options?

Yes, you can pay in full or choose from 2 other payment options. We can discuss on your discovery call.

Will I get your support on recording and editing my videos?

Yes! My goal is for you to be scripting, recording, editing and getting your videos out into the world. I am her for every step of that video journey.