QUESTION: If your audience doesn't know you exist, how can they work with you?

Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Go Live Consistently...

... even if you feel insecure and awkward and haven't gone live yet!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 @ 5pm PT | 8pm ET

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if You...

  • Know that in order for your audience to find you, you must be visible
  • Don't know where to start with live video, but you know you need to be doing it
  • Want to know what to say without fumbling and stumbling
  • Struggle to make live video a regular part of your marketing

Does this sound familiar?

Everyone keeps telling you to simply "go live" and your online audience will magically appear and love you and buy everything you have to offer. The reality of that is a little different though isn't it? You WANT to create an audience of super fans (like really want to!) but you also WANT to show up like the confident, smart and educated expert we both know you are.

Showing up like an amateur is not an option!

Well, I've got your back. I've created the 3 Surprising Secrets to Live Video Success Masterclass just for you! Join me and find out how to quickly go from "I have no idea where to start "  to  "Seriously! Why have I been waiting so long?" in just 60 minutes. 


Wednesday, November 18, 2020 @ 5pm PT | 8pm ET


In this 60-minute Masterclass, you'll learn:


The Major Mindset Shift
that all successful online business owners adopt
for LIVE video success to show up confidently.  Which means your audience takes action and you start making money online!


The One Lie
online influencers and gurus keep tossing around that keeps you stuck and hiding on the sidelines instead of sharing your natural gifts with the world.


The Biggest Tech Myth
and why you MUST know this right out of the gate
so you stop adding to your video equipment graveyard in your hall closet or garage and start making high-quality live video right away.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 @ 5pm PT | 8pm ET


Live Video is About to Change How You Connect with Your Online Audience

Whether you've been stuck on the virtual sidelines waiting for the "right time" to start doing LIVE video, or you flat out don't know where to start, what to say and you feel like an amateur - 2020 can still be the breakthrough year you've been waiting for.

Video is the best way to create a deep connection with your online audience. And even though it feels like a bold faced lie...LIVE video is a THE EASIEST way to get started (without any fancy equipment and there is ZERO editing!)

Join me and flip that video switch so you can stop hiding from your online audience and start showing up and changing lives (like you know you're meant to do!).

A personal invitation from Tracy…

I've been in the pro video world for almost two is in my bones!

In just 5 years, I've been an integral part of over 60 online launches. My clients and students all say that LIVE video is a game changer when it comes to making a real connection with their audience to help them sell their products, digital courses, membership sites or 1:1 coaching.

I resisted LIVE video at first because I was so used to being a pro behind the camera. I felt awkward, nervous and fake (sound familiar?) But I discovered the secret to creating thoughtful, relevant and helpful LIVE videos and I went from an email list of zero to thousands using live video as my platform.

This brand new, fire-under-your-bum masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I've learned in creating LIVE videos for my own online success as well as jaw-dropping success for my private clients and students.

If this is the year you decide to finally commit to taking the LIVE video bull by the horns and learn how to 'go live' consistently and without feeling really awkward, I can help you come out from hiding on the internet sidelines and get you confidently to create a deep and instant connection with your online buyers.

See you there!



Wednesday, November 18, 2020 @ 5pm PT | 8pm ET